Sports Jackpots are fast becoming the next vertical in gaming. We offer a wide range of fully insured and proven Free-to-play game formats for Acquisition and Retention as well as High-margin Pay-to-play products in their own right

Free-to-Play (FTP)
In addition to FTP’s proven low-cost customer acquisition and retention benefits internationally, it possesses benefits specific to a newly regulating sports betting market, such as the US, by:


  • Providing an educational tool in relation to betting mechanics and parlaying a bet without the player losing any real money

  • Seamless upselling to customised bet slips or other high-value upsell

  • Being acceptable in markets which real-money wagering is not yet permitted

  • Having the capacity to bridge the gap between fantasy sports and live betting

  • Being flexible in relation to the level of integration with an operator’s online sportsbook.

Pay-to-Play (PTP)

Customers looking to monetise from a Sports Competition by charging per entry can cover the costs of insurance within the ticket price. RISQ can run models to realise your cost expectations vs gameplay, to ensure customers aren't discouraged by overly complex and unobtainable results. 

  • Jackpots of up to £10 million

  • Flexible and scalable prizes for any sports event

  • Player Acquisition & Retention through Free to Play (F2P) and Pay to Play (P2P) competitions

  • Eye-Catching Promotions

  • Bespoke Data Feeds and Pricing for self-contained games

  •  Full integrations for automated submission and resulting as well as manual submissions to avoid development work 

Popular game formats



Correct Score


Beat the Streak/Last Man standing

First Goalscorer


Question Predictors

Prop Bet Predictors

Sports Lottery

Hole in One Golf Competition 

  • Pick the correct match result for all of the games listed to win a jackpot

  • Pick the correct score for all of the games listed to win a jackpot

  • Complete the streak to win a jackpot. For example: Pick a NFL team to win in week 1, if correct you then have to pick a different team to win in week 2. If you complete the entire streak, you win a jackpot

  • Pick the first goalscorer/touchdown scorer etc for all of the games listed to win a jackpot

  • Pick the correct answer to all of the questions listed to win a jackpot

  • Pick the correct answer to each of the relevant prop bets to win a jackpot (such as who will get the first booking, or who will run the most yards in an NFL game)

  • Bridging Lottery and Sports Betting, the Sports Lottery offer 5 global sports and counting, covering 365 days a year of weekly competitions similar to an accumulator or parley wager. At £2.50 to £3.00 an entry, the player has a chance to win anywhere from £10 to £10,000,000 whether they have sporting expertise or not. Each sport has a different pick set from score brackets to time of first goal, this is done to keep the odds static throughout every game.

  • Jackpot prizes based on a hole-in-one competition. 

How does it work?


What is the idea and mechanics of the game you want covered? Correct Score, etc.

per Entry

Since insurance is priced per entry, what is the per entry budget you are looking for?

Proposed Jackpot Amount

Each market has a different idea of life changing prizes. What amount works for your players? The iGiP™ can insure up to £10m on most events.


Once we understand budget vs jackpot, RISQ can help conceptualise the competition to suit your proposed budget


Once the concept is created, your team or one of the RISQ integrated partners can build and launch the competition

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