Add huge prizes to any part of your site or A&R campaign turning anything into a Jackpot opportunity


The current trend of gamification of iGaming operators to enhance the player journey has reached a tipping point in the industry. Operators want to build immersive experiences that progress with the player's engagement. RISQ gives operators and specialist marketing platforms the ability to add to that experience by offering them the ability to add prizes over and above what typical gameplay from off the shelf content may offer in its own right. Building tournaments and metamorphic play across your site leading to big wins for your players to aim for.


Jackpots can also be added to advertising promotions, whether that's sending a code to enter by direct mail, enticing players to visit the site and register for a chance to win prizes, or playing new content for extra chances to win. Using Jackpots to drive customer behaviour works, and the flexibility of RISQ’s iGiP allows its clients to get creative with their promotion. 


RISQ works with some great integrated partners that build promotional content such as spin to win as well as complete platforms to automate and structure jackpot and bonus campaigns as an additional layer to your platform. Check out our integrated partners at the bottom of this page.

  • Jackpots of up to £25 million in prize backing

  • Flexible and scalable prizes

  • Gamification of any part of your site or process including sending jackpots via direct mail

  • Eye-Catching Promotions

How does it work?

Decide on a trigger

Whether you want players to register, download an app, or play on certain content, if you can trigger it we can put a prize behind it.

per Entry

Since insurance is priced per entry, what is the per entry budget you are looking for?

Prize Resulting

By utilising the iGiP™ RNG API, every time a trigger is made, the the iGiP™ will respond whether the player is a winner or a loser.

Proposed Jackpot Amount

Each market has a different idea of life changing prizes. What amount works for your players?

Concept Creation & Launching

Once the concept is created, your team or one of the RISQ integrated partners can build and launch the promotion. Using the iGiP™ means that you can start and stop it anytime you like, you have complete flexibility.

No Winner?

The engagement doesn’t stop at the prize draw. Resulting the win can be rewarded with a consolation prize of a free spin or free bet.

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