RISQ-free Platform

UK-based insurance specialist offers RISQ-free platform

London-based technology firm RISQ has launched a gaming industry first, with the development of a random number generator (RNG) platform boasting jackpots of up to £25 million.

The insurance-backed solution is suited to a range of games, including slots, tables games, lottery, keno, bingo and instant win, and can be tailored to the individual needs of the operator or game developer.

Each simple integration offers adjustable odds, flexible jackpot totals and variable pay tables, allowing operators to build their own unique jackpot games.

With no reliance on cross-network liquidity, the innovative technology looks set to provide an effective and risk-free customer acquisition and retention tool for betting and gaming brands.

It will initially cater for jackpots up to £25 million, but there are plans in place to quadruple that limit to £100 million.

RISQ’s Chief Commercial Director Tom Mitchell told how their specialist risk management services will be used on the new platform: “Having analysed how the igaming market approaches all forms of probability-based risk, RISQ’s flexible-integration solution is now allowing operators to access specialist insurance cover in an easy and efficient manner.

“After all, operator needs can vary. For instance, a pricing structure that is suitable for a weekly-draw lottery will not be suitable for a slot application, which requires a lower contribution per-play for Jackpot insurance.

“The unique flexibility of our technology, coupled to RISQ’s pricing expertise, means that Jackpot coverage via the RNG can be precisely calibrated, and then customised.”

The industry insurance specialist also offer hedge bets and insurance on the outcomes of over 50 international lotteries.

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