Partner Focus: Competition Labs on Gamification in the new decade

By: Julian Steinwender, Co-Founder & CPO of CompetitionLabs

Beyond the holiday fling

“What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has become such a universal catchphrase that it belies a fundamental truth about most of our relationships with casinos and other companies in the entertainment business – we go, we spend, we leave. It’s a holiday fling leaving fond memories and the occasional tattoo.

Online gaming – with its immediacy and convenience – is a fundamentally different experience, narrower in its appeal focusing on just one entertainment aspect while missing the live shows, restaurants, and luxury boutiques of Integrated Resorts in Vegas, Macao and Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, resorts are envious of the in-pocket intimacy of online operators, even when they wear the same branding.

For customers, their relationship with entertainment sits very firmly in experience boxes –How do we get the experience and the connection to the next level?

Living with your customer

Pokémon Go created a worldwide sensation with people trekking around to catch augmented reality monsters to play in their online world – a great example an engaging gameful experience (exploring and interacting with the world around you). Gamification can sometimes be confused for gameplay, it’s not, but it can enable breaking out of our physical box to create a more holistic engagement experience.

Moving from fling to a stable relationship, we need to accept that a customer is more than just the time they spend with us. Part of the success of the resort experience is acknowledging that customer needs extend beyond the gaming floor. Taking this to the next level, we must marry data from the resort with their online interactions. By uniting the data and experiences from these two worlds, we can increase our customer interactions with our brand experiences.

Building a solution to enable real-time omnichannel engagement can be daunting not to mention expensive. That’s where CompetitionLabs’ comes in; to take care of hard part for you. It is a hungry consumer of data with a no-code user-friendly interface. You can craft a system of engagement with near-unlimited gamification mechanics that will listen and act on any customer interactions.

Gamification to get beyond the box

CompetitionLabs’ provides all the tools and mechanics to communicate, show progress and help your customers along, providing a brand-led engagement experience. CompetitionLabs indexes customer activity against rewards by linking them to entries in a sweepstake for specific activities (online or physical).

You can create different user journeys to influence what the next brand interaction should be. Here are some examples:

A customer completes a mixed challenge comprised of online and resort-based activities for a reward. The reward redemption is upon a subsequent visit to our resort, with complimentary entry into a weekend guaranteed-drop jackpot.

Link to sporting events (March Madness or a World Cup), a seasonal promotion (Halloween) with redemption as a visit to the resort or do some actions on a branded app to earn double points and extra entries into a sweepstake over the promotional period.

Where’s the magic?

Magic works best in real-time.

Gamification allows us to create a system of multiple engagements which encourage and reward behaviours while being fun and entertaining, creating a sense of anticipation through participation in a brands experience.

The CompetitionLabs platform delivers both – updating leader boards, reward points, jackpot entries, achievements and rewards instantly once earned. With positive reinforcement from your brand in real-time as part of their everyday lives, you can extend the holiday magic.

Sometimes what goes on in Vegas is worth bringing home.

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