Opinion: Elevating The Jackpot

London, 10 November 2017 – Jackpots have long been one of the most significant tools in an operator’s armoury, tapping into players’ imaginations with wishful thinking in a way that few other mechanics at their disposal can. There will always be a seat for jackpots at the casino table because, quite simply, there is an audience which will invariably be attracted to them whenever there is a big-money prize on show, and as such, jackpots remain a significant selling point for operators when looking to promote the latest games and applications.

Simply put, jackpots are an acquisition and retention tool that have more than stood the test of time. This was recently underlined when the US-based Mega Millions lottery changed its format in order to ensure its jackpots were large enough to compete with the Powerball. In so doing, they allowed players with an eye for the big win to pay $3 for two entries into Jackpot only draws, which in turn removed them from contention for the smaller prize draws.

While these changes have made the jackpot harder to win, Mega Millions has seen its popularity rise to higher levels than ever before across all the 44 states in which it operates, with players chasing the dream of the big wins that jackpots facilitate.

The reach of jackpots has also extended well beyond lotteries in recent years. Playtech recently upped the ante with the unveiling of Age of the Gods Roulette Live, bringing something fresh to the increasingly popular live online arena by merging a slot with a table game and paying out more than £1m within its opening two weeks. Progressive jackpots tied to slots continue to see such games grow in popularity. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is perhaps the most recognisable of these titles, which has to date paid out more than half a billion Euros in progressive jackpots.

Undoubtedly, what ultimately makes these games tick with end users is the sheer attractiveness of the prize on offer, drawing players in with the chance to win life-changing sums of money. However, in order to provide reliable and attractive jackpots to players, they rely on cross-network liquidity or self-seeding at an operator level. Attempting to go it alone with such a jackpot has historically carried real risk, while joining with other operators for liquidity purposes puts individual sites in danger of seeing the jackpot won elsewhere, potentially taking their players with it.

We are only just beginning to see jackpots adapt to the demands of the modern igaming industry, and it is this push for adaptability that we at RISQ have put ourselves at the forefront of. To solve both issues we’ve developed an insurance-backed random number generator platform that provides access to jackpots of up to £25 million. It’s the fruition of years of development and fine-tuning since we entered the market 2010 as the first insurance-based lottery solution.

Our solution is a true game-changer for this industry, as it supplies individual operators with unique flexibility to offer jackpot-led titles with total peace of mind, and without the need to share liquidity, and the potential rewards of a major jackpot win, with rival sites. And while our jackpot limit currently remains £25m, the industry interest it is generating will soon see us boost that figure to £100m.

The manner in which we have built the technology means that offering such audience-attracting jackpots is now no longer the sole preserve of operators. Our uniquely structured, B2B only solution can be extended to affiliates, gaming platforms and games developers, providing total and democratised access to jackpots that are flexible and scalable to meet their exact requirements.

On that point, it is worth noting that in an increasingly busy marketplace, every partner seeks an innovative and differentiated solution to set their offering apart. Our insurance-backed solution can be adapted not only for lottery, slots, and table games, but also for Keno, bingo and the increasingly popular instant win games.

Jackpots are perfect for capturing the attention of players as they cast their gaze on an operator’s landing page, and remain uniquely dependable when it comes to delivering deep user engagement and customer retention. Offering players the prospect of winning up to £25m (and, as I say, RISQ will soon quadruple that level) is now the tangible reality for operators and providers alike, significantly boosting their potential to attract and retain new customers and boost expansionary plans in new regulated markets.

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