Make predictor games interesting with jackpots

Marketers are working overtime to capture a huge portion of punters before the FIFA World Cup 2018 commences less than two weeks from now. In order to attract these players, marketers have resorted to promotions that will pique the players’ interests.

One of the usual things that marketers and operators use to acquire customers and retain them are predictor games. But in a competitive sports betting market, marketers need to offer more to lure potential clients.

RISQ Director Tom Mitchell said punters usually look for playable and interesting games aside from wagering. He believes that offering free-to-play jackpots is key to attracting and retaining customers in the future.

“Obviously, with the World Cup coming up, there is a lot of interest from marketing teams to use predictor games to acquire customers and retain them. So, what the game is is very important because it’s got to be playable and interesting to the punter,” Mitchell told “The easiest one to explain is the bracket predictor, which is 3 trillion to one shot. To make that really engaging for marketers, they want to create a jackpot around it. That is really our job, we come in to it where an operator wants a large jackpot, anything between a million and a hundred million. They are not willing to take the risk but they are happy to effectively insure it with us on a cost per entry basis.”

The challenges facing most marketers include retaining the customers and monetizing them afterwards, according to Mitchell. He said free-to-play jackpots encourage players to keep coming back, resulting in more revenues.

“I’m a big believer that with jackpots, that’s our niche, that’s where we fit in. Jackpot games in the market at the moment are lotteries, as you know from a betting standpoint, and also progressives in slots. I think there is a big play to produce predictor games around sporting events—World Cup obviously—with big jackpots but give them away for free. I’m seeing it with Quick 6 which is a Sky Sports product,” the RISQ director said. “Our standpoint would be, you’ve acquired them with a predictor game with a big jackpot, let’s do a weekly EPL predictor game or Bundesliga game depending on the market which you get them to keep coming back and then you can up-sell them bets and hopefully make good money off.”

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