Incentive Games launch Sports Lottery with RISQ

Stemming from a lucrative meeting at this year’s Betting on Sports America in New Jersey, RISQ and Incentive Games signed an agreement to integrate the innovative STAR platform to RISQ's iGaming Insurance Platform iGiP™ and begin work on launching their very own Sports Lottery. Incentive Games 'STAR' platform, which stands for Sports Tools for Acquisition and Retention, gives operators access to an entire suite of free-to-play and pay-to-play games via an operator's desktop or mobile site or through native apps. Incentive Games deploys their products on the fully customisable STAR platform for clients in order to generate and directionally drive traffic to boost revenue where it's needed the most.

Julian Borg-Barthet, Director of Business Development: "Incentive Games has been our first integrated partner to launch the new Sports Lottery product via the RISQ iGiP™, they have ambitious plans to roll out the concept across their existing STAR integrations, and has already generated a considerable amount of interest in the market"

The RISQ Sports Lottery platform gives Incentive Games the ability to offer 365 days a year of weekly competitions across 5 different sports and counting, with tiered jackpots from £10 to £10,000,000 at a cost of £3.00 per ticket, this is the first of its kind to bridge the gap between lottery and sport with the highest jackpots on the market.  Incentive Games plans on rolling out their Sports Lottery product with variable entry and jackpot sizes in order to widen its appeal in the different markets they operate in.

John Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder of Incentive games commented on this new relationship: "Integrating with the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform was a brilliant option for us, it not only gave us the ability to add insured jackpots with flexible contracting to any of our games on the STAR platform, they also give us access to innovate on their proprietary data feeds and insurance levels like the Sports Lottery".

About RISQ: RISQ’s iGaming insurance Platform iGiP™ offers flexible solutions for operators and platform-providers to access some of the biggest non-networked jackpot pay-outs in the industry, whether that's to create new concepts in Sports Competitions with life-changing jackpots or to back proprietary and betting on lottery content. RISQ’s insurance platform is backed by a team of innovative and experienced professionals in both risk and sporting analytics, leveraging over twenty A-rated global reinsurance markets.

About Incentive Games: Incentive Games build software for operators which allows them to acquire customers at a fraction of the industry standard cost through innovative gamification. They create engaging, accessible games which go beyond customer acquisition in providing businesses with the means to significantly improve customer retention rates as well as more efficiently monetise their userbase through up-selling bespoke versions of their clients’ high-value products and services.

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