Opinion: Helio Gaming Realising Africa’s Lottery potential

As far as opportunities go, Africa needs no introduction. With a population of 1.2 billion and any number of sports and gaming mad countries, it has been on most people’s radar for a number of years now. True, many of those territories need better regulation and a more robust framework in order to make the most of it. But there is no hiding the potential. What is more pertinent is understanding how to fulfil it.

Source: Wikipedia (List of continents by population)

Mobile is certainly the channel that could hold the key. According to a January - March 2018 report by the Communications Authority of Kenya, the country’s mobile penetration now stands at 95.1%, while broadband subscriptions increased by 10.9% on the previous quarter to 19.9m. Furthermore, a 2017 report by the content delivery network (CDN) Akamai states that it now has the world’s 14th fastest mobile internet. Whilst sports betting is the obvious thing with which to capitalise on this, there is a product that holds even more appeal.

As well as phones, Africa loves lottery. The aspirational feeling that comes with the small stake, big win at the heart of the game has struck a chord with players across the continent. This trend is also a big part of sports betting, of course, with many players placing small stake bets on longer odds with the aim of winning life-changing sums. Global companies are now starting to see the potential in these emerging markets and are creating bespoke products to tap into them. Helio Gaming, have a product range that is perfect for mobile and have also been bolstering their presence across Africa for some time. At the same time they're now working with RISQ to offer high-value jackpots up to €150m as part of their Hero Games, custom-branded lottery games and Betting on international lottery games.

Understanding the needs of a regional market is paramount when entering a new territory. A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to work, and in iGaming’s fragmented landscape a flexible approach is vital. Which verticals are the most popular, how often players play these games, the times of the day they play, are hugely important factors that must be taken into account. But for those who strike while the iron is hot, Africa boasts regional markets rich in potential that are perfect candidates to welcome those with bespoke iGaming products and scalable, highly configurable lottery offerings.

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