Whether you're looking at a Betting on Lottery solution or your own proprietary lottery, RISQ can provide the backing to realise your concept

Primary Lottery

Operators looking at building their own Lottery and Keno games can leverage the power of the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform iGiP™ Random Number Generator (RNG) to build lotteries up to £25m.

Betting on Lottery
RISQ can help you leverage up to £150m in A-Rated Insurance backing for your Betting on Lottery operations, c
overing over 70 National, State, and Provincial lottery and Keno products in part or in full, meaning that you can take a derived approach, selling tickets at lower prices for lower jackpots or sell at the market price for the full jackpot amount.

  • Jackpots in excess of £150 million on Betting on Lottery and £25m for Primary Lottery

  • Bet on the outcome of over 70 national, state, and provincial Lotteries and Keno

  • Proprietary Lottery backing

  • Flexible payout values and customised game concepts

  • Easy API integration or manual processing

  • Sophisticated backend reporting system

  • Data Feed covering International Lottery Scheduling, Current Jackpot Values, and Historic Winning Numbers

How does Primary Lottery work?


What’s the concept and basic mechanics, are you planning on copying a popular lottery or create your own unique concept?

per Entry

Since insurance is priced per entry, what is the per entry budget you are looking for? Do you already have an idea as to how much you want to sell the ticket for?

Proposed Jackpot Amount

Each market has a different idea of life changing prizes. What amount works for your players? The iGiPTM can insure up to £150m on most events.


Once we understand budget vs jackpot, RISQ can help conceptualise the competition to suit your proposed budget


Once the concept is created, your team or one of the RISQ integrated partners can build and launch the lottery.

How does Betting on Lottery work?

Pick your lottery

Which lotteries are you allowed to take wagers on in your market? Choose the lottery that best suits your market.

Full coverage or derived?

RISQ can cover over 70 lotteries in part or in full, meaning that you can stagger the costs of tickets or sell to cover the full amount.

Full integration?

RISQ can provide full integration to the lottery platform or we can take manual entries via a CSV file.


Depending on your resources, your team or one of the RISQ integrated partners can build and launch the competition

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