Hedging allows gaming companies and other organisations to off-set their financial risk by pushing that risk to an external source.

In the world of sports and sports betting, there will be scenarios when companies want to take on additional risk, whether that's taking on more betting risk or building contracts with financial reward that they don't necessarily want to take on themselves.


RISQ can provide hedging channels for everything from Sportsbooks to bonus contracts based on real-world events. The following are some of the services we offer via out hedging service:

One-Off Positions

RISQ can remove your unwanted liabilities regarding bonuses, contracting and bets. Our position in the market allows us to protect the insured's obligations to pay out if the result or outcome of an event is met.

  • Bonusing

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Customer Retention and Acquisition

  • Offset excess sportsbook liabilities 

ACCA Hedging

RISQ offers Sportsbooks a bespoke facility in which they can hedge unwanted risk. Accumulators (aka ACCA or a Roll-Up) hedging allows operators to remove payout limits and max bet amounts, as they can cover any excess liability with RISQ. 


With ACCA hedging in place, operators can take on more bets than they previously allowed for by not having to turn players away or limit player winnings. ACCA hedging allows you to remain competitive without damaging your balance sheets.


  • Maximise player stakes without limiting their rewards

  • Optimal risk solution to drive sales and push bets

  • Offset unwanted positions and risk

Fixed Margin Sportsbook
Sportsbooks can be a highly volatile product compared to other verticals. RISQ offer a facility to allow you to guarantee a fixed margin each month based on turnover as well as assist with improving your pricing and trading in the process.

  • Let RISQ take on the volatility of running a sportsbook from your clients by offering a guaranteed margin on their betting turnover

  • Reduce your own risk by outsourcing volatility and risk-management to RISQ by aligning an industry-leading proprietary trading team and modellers (partner with the experts) with your operation and clients

  • Proactive hedging suggestions and transactions, to manage clients risk and allow them to service all players, meaning that you and your clients still have control

  • Leverage RISQ's trading and model-building expertise to increase GGR

  • Bespoke deal structures for each client

  • Agnostic solution, with no integration required

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